Some Common Handyman Services You May Need


Have you noticed that any of your Shower or Sink Drains are not draining as fast or are clogged, a trusted handyman service can be there to take care of any of your plumbing needs. Need a new Sink, Faucet, Garbage Disposal, Dishwasher, Ice Maker, Ice Maker Line ran, Reverse Osmosis System, Instant Heat Dispenser, Water Heater


Do you currently have any outlets that are not working, or maybe you want another oulet more convienently located, want to add a switch or remote to your fireplace, Fan Installation with remote, Light Fixture, GFI Outlets, want a dimmer on a specific light, accent lighting above or below your kitchen cabinets, rope lighting on your porch, installing  a generator and wiring it to run your whole house during a power outage, running a 110v line under ground in conduit to your workshop or shed, running a new  220v  Line for your dryer or compressor, or moving a A/C Unit. Whatever your Electrical needs are we can take care of them

Home Maintenance:

A/C Filter, inspecting all A/C ducts for leaks, adding insulation in attic, Painting, Pressure Washing, Sprinkler Repair, Iron Stain Removal, Mosquito Prevention Misting System, Drywall Repair, adding salt, reseting your timer on your water softner, replacing a torn screen on your patio, draining your water heater, pool service, cleaning gutters, adjusting/replacing sprinkler heads, replacing bowed/damaged deck boards on dock or decking. We do it all.

Home Improvements:

Gutters, Fencing, Appliance Installation, Interior Decorating, Window Treatments, Tinting, Accent Lighting, Recessed Can Lights,
Wall take down, New wall construction, Crown Molding Installation, Flat Screen TV Installation, Remote Fan/Light Installation,
Wood Floor, Tile, Carpet, Outdoor Decking, Patio Pavers, Garden Planters, 12v Landscape Lighting, Propane Tiki Torches,
Motion Lights w/ timers

Home Security:

Security Cameras, We can install any style, size, covert camera wherever you wish. If you have a dock and you want to have your boat and jet skis protected 24 hrs a day we can run Cat5e lines down to your dock for camera viewing. We have 20 years of Security Camera Installation Experience &  specialize in running camera lines where most companies will tell you they can not. All of our equipment that we Sell & Install is Commercial Grade and you will be able to view all of your cameras LIVE over the internet or even with your SmartPhone. We also install Alarm Systems, that are intergrated with your cameras so when you are away from home and some one rings your doorbell you can view and communicate LIVE with your visitor.